Monday, September 7, 2015

Meet Viewpoints 9 @ the European Patchwork Meeting!

Carrefour European Patchwork Meeting
September 16-19, 2015

Val d' Argent, France

Founded in 2012, Viewpoints 9 is an international, invitational, fiber art group, consisting of 9 women from 5 countries. Members represent a breadth of ages, art experiences, cultural and professional backgrounds.  The group was conceived as a “think tank” to explore new sources of inspiration and encourage experimentation. Challenges, posed by each artist, are discussed and interpreted on a bi-monthly basis, culminating in an online gallery. The emerging narrative has been a fascinating opportunity to better understand and appreciate the diverse personal similarities and differences in how and why one creates.  Challenges of 9 is the group's second body of work.  To view works included in the exhibition, click here.

Time Trials
Martha Wolfe, Founding Member and Curator

Particle Paths in the Quantum World
Alicia Merrett

Betty Busby

Diane Wright

Looking Back
Kate Themel

Life Celebration
Lin Hsin-Chen

The Last Drop
Lisa-Marie Sanders

Memory of Red and Green
Misik Kim

Our Daily Bread
Sue Dennis

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