Friday, May 22, 2015

Drawing with light

The word neon brings out thoughts of big advertising billboards in the centres of big cities. 

I have also seen the work of some artists that have used the neon tubes in their work. This is Bruce Nauman's "Five Marching Men".

Searching for images in the web, some wonderful things have been made with neon tubes.  Really I see it more as drawing with light. This is a piece by Charles McGee.

I ‘drew with light’ in a way, when playing with moving my camera while taking pictures of Christmas tree lights.

This last one feels to me like fireworks.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Oh the glow

pink energy
I am so excited about this challenge, thank you Hsin-Chen! Like Martha, these colors take me down memory lane. I have always loved fluorescent colors and it has been so much fun to have them back in fashion again.

I have one shirt that literally vibrates with color. Imagine my surprise when I searched the internet to find why fluorescent colors glow and discovered it has to do with energy! Reflected light beyond the visible spectrum, chemical reactions, energy release. Much too scientific for my brain, but fascinating none the less.

glow in the dark magic

The thread in my baby quilt glows in the dark, the hands on my watch illuminate the night and my puppy can always find her ball thanks to simple processes that seem like magic to me. I wonder if you can mix colors...if fluorescent yellow and fluorescent blue would make fluorescent green. I may just have to find out!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Memory Lane

A wonderful challenge, Hsin-Chen!  Neon evokes a lot of fantastic memories of the 70's for me.  From the first step into a store with a black light in the Village in NYC to teenage dance clubs in Daytona Beach.  I was mesmerized by the colors and electricity it created in my mind!  (not that being 16 didn't create enough electricity:)

Note: cinderblock bookshelves and wire spool coffee table
This was my generation, and we were ALIVE!  And neon heralded our arrival.  Despite the turmoil of youth; the posters, the music, the colors, the light, the fashion, the whole package, brings a flood of warm nostalgia.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane!