Sunday, May 22, 2016

Texting whilst quilting

I have employed text variously over the past several years.

For my Aunt and Uncle's BIG Anniversary I wanted to give them something no one else would/could...and surprise them.  At their big party, I quietly handed their friends and family squares of cotton that I had prepared, along with ink pens.  Their messages spanned congratulations to intimate, cryptic, and personal messages.

My Uncle Mort's family owned a department store and he was noted for being ever-present, community-minded and a snappy dresser with very smart ties.  My cousin raided his closet and supplied me with some of them...and, apparently he never noticed their absence.

The quilt was one of his treasures.  As he aged, it was always by his favorite chair for his afternoon naps.
Mort and Sue's Anniversary
I sometimes use cursive script to quilt my fabrics together.  It is functional and adds to the narrative of the piece
I'm Not From Here/detail

In a small pieced titled, Miscommunications, I hoped that the commercially printed text on cotton would underscore the imagery of personal communications in this piece from 2009.

And then there was the series in which I worked through a big birthday using cotton that I had discharged.  That must have been about 5 years ago....I'm facing a REALLY big birthday next week :^)


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