Saturday, February 28, 2015

Welcome to V9 - Cycle 3

With two cycles of Viewpoints 9 behind us, we now start our 4th year as a group!  It's been a personal growing experience and opportunity to connect with artists from around the world.  During the most recent cycle, we started exhibiting our first collection.  It has an upcoming show at the International House in Davis, California in April and May, with an opening reception on April 10th from 6-8 PM.

The most recently completed cycle, our "Challenges of Nine" will premiere at the Carrefour European Patchwork Meeting, September 16 - 19, 2015 in the Val d' Argent, France. More dates to follow!

As we start Cycle 3, we have chosen a new format.  Each artist has selected a theme for their works that they will create for the next 18 months.  Our themes will be:
Betty – Unseen
Kate – Reflections
Lisa-Marie – Water
Alicia – Magic and Science
Hsin-Chen – Thinking
Martha – Cycle 
Diane – Exotic
Misik –  Meditation
Sue – Around My Neighbourhood

In addition to theme, the artist will select (for each challenge):

1) The horizontal width of the piece they are creating.  Minimum width: 18", Maximum width: 54" 
2) All materials and techniques beyond the one proposed in the challenge.

And, last but not least, the responsibilities of the person posing the challenge:

1) A material, or technique to be included in the piece the artist creates.
2) The vertical height of the piece to be created.  Minimum height: 18", Maximum height: 54" 

It may seem confusing now, but will become evident once we begin.which we will do tomorrow!

Please follow along - there is a box to click on the left side of the page to follow the blog.  We always welcome and encourage comments!

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  1. You are all so talented and following this blog will surely be an inspiration!