Friday, January 8, 2016

Yak/silk roving?

I'm on holiday, escaping the cold and sleet at home in CT for the cool and rain in San Pablo Bay CA.  Like most of you, when I'm away from home I explore museums, shops, restaurants, farmers markets, galleries and on and on.  Yesterday was exhilarating as I explored textile places in Berkley and into Oakland.  Check out There were bunches of home grown indigo and marigolds hanging from the ceiling awaiting the dye vat.  My heart was aflutter...and I'm not a dyer...usually.

Among the items I 'had' to buy was yak/silk roving.  Oh, I could have bought plain silk roving or cotton roving (and I might still) but I landed on this stuff.  And it feels so good too.

It's not really in my preferred color family, but it works so well with my personal challenge during the current V9-3 cycle and, more to the point, Sue Dennis' excellent challenge "Being Natural".  I have to find a way to incorporate this 'exotic' material.

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  1. Certainly very exotic and natural! Have fun using it Diane.