Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wild Life: Maple

Wild Life: Maple ©2015

Thanks, Diane, for a great challenge and lots to think about!  I wrestled with my ideas for actual 3-D creations for a good deal of the 8 weeks we had - and ultimately came back to an earlier idea "referencing" dimension.  The weather has changed so dramatically since the beginning of this challenge, it is hard to believe I was inspired by seasonal cycles and the autumn color - brilliant leaves and warm, blue skies!

my inspiration

Gazing up through the layers of Japanese maple leaves, I wondered if I could create that sense of light and depth using a layered pojagi inspired method.  I collected a bag full of leaves in every color of red and yellow and orange to get the project started.

The first thing I did was paint some silk organza in the same colors with Dye-Na-Flow.  The individual leaves were inked with Speedball fabric ink and printed one at a time.  Once the ink was dry, I starched the organza and cut it into the small pieces that are sewn together. 

Wild Life: Maple, detail
Maple is all machine sewn.  I am looking for a nice branch to drape it over for display.  I love the colorful translucence of the backlit layers.

Check my blog for a more detailed description of the process later this week.
Wild Life: Maple, backlit


  1. I love that you made it with silk organza; the light through the layers gives an ethereal feeling of the changing instability of seasons. Beautifully done, Martha! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Great layering, works so well with the maple leaf prints also!

  3. I love the look from the front as well as backlit. Reminds me of the way the leaves and sunlight are always changing during autumn.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the organic edges, they add a different dimension to a luminous yet tranquil piece.