Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Early Spring: Mostly Monochromatic

I was ready for Kate's challenge after my dyeing experiment from the previous challenge using natural dyes; which, for me was really an exercise in using monochromatic material.

I was SO prepared for Kate's challenge.....that I jumped in the day after her post...and it was finished in no time.  That NEVER happens.  Usually I'm wrestling for some time...some times not very successfully.  

Turns out, that was a very happy coincidence.  I usually get my creative juices going with inspirations from my natural surrounding.

Feb and Mar in New England are REALLY monochromatic!

These pics are viewed from my studio.  Brown, Brown, more Brown, Blue, teeny bit of Green. Hard to get the juices going.

Until you get close.  Yeah!  Color!
I'm really looking forward to viewing our members' responses to this challenge.

Thank you, Kate.  I loved this challenge!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, quick work but serendipity! Love browns so will be waiting to see your beautiful quilt.