Sunday, July 31, 2016


A thousand pardons to my V-9-3 teammates !!  One of my personal undesirable traits is a poor memory unless I have written information down. When I am holiday far from my home, I actually have to remember to read it..which is what happened.  Totally blanked, Martha had to nudge me.

We are visiting good friends in Northern California.  Friends who introduced me to Mid-century modern design among other things.  We often go 'thrifting' together where we find other peoples undesirables that, for us, are treasures.

Pictured above is beautiful red West German pitcher, paired with a classic Eva Zeisel pitcher bought for $10 at a flea market.

I shot this photo to take in the painting behind it.  It is a collage using discarded magazines, blue flat plastic bottle rings, a bit of fabric, buttons and paint.

All of us find beauty in some things that others find undesirable.  Knowing this, when I return I am going to rent a tent, fill it with my own undesirables and invite all the local guilds to come find something beautiful for themselves.

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