Friday, July 8, 2016

The Unused Desirables

For this challenge, I looked inside my cupboards, and I found lots of things I don’t use regularly.  But I cannot call them undesirables – I loved them when I bought them - they are all desirable, it is just that they have not been used – yet?!

There are some beautiful commercial fabrics, including interesting batiks, and some really old fabrics I bought in the US when I was still making dolls, bits of which I have used for making dolls’s clothes, like 20 years ago.  

There is a shelf full of silk organzas and painted silks, which I have used at some point, a long time ago.  Some of them were used in the couple of bojagis I made.

I have also a collection of fabric paints, and colourful pens such as Sharpies, which I always mean to use, and then I don’t – except occasionally for printing text with Thermofax screens.

I have gorgeous Inktense colour pencils and blocks – which I don’t know how to use, and no idea of what to do with them.  I have Markal sticks, which I do know how to use, but haven’t found a way of employing them in my work.

And other things I haven’t mentioned here….

So plenty to choose from, for this challenge… decisions, decisions…

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  1. I love your term "unused desirables", it is definitely more apropos. I look forward to seeing what you create.