Wednesday, July 15, 2015


from Amy Barickman
Betty's challenge - Unconventional Materials - has me thinking about conventional in general.  It seems like quilts evolved from the unconventional - sewing old shirts and feedbags and scrap materials into a functional quilt.
All sorts of clothing items seem to be recycled into quilts - some historically, like denim, some more contemporary like neckties
from a Sharee design
and t-shirts - most of which seem pretty conventional now, but probably were outside the box at one time…..
by Margie Mitchell
Selvages show up.  You can recycle all sorts of things…..I'm trying to think of something "new" to recycle.
from Carla Barrett
This one is brilliant - Stephen Sollins recycles papers.  Below is a detail from a piece made of used envelopes.

untitled (Correspondence), detail
from Stephen Sollins

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And when you wander over into garments, oh, the possibilities are endless!  This is luggage and insoles from shoes!
from World of Wearable Art
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