Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dimension and Fiber

"Boundary Unbound" by Saberah Malik
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and see the Fiber Art VII collaborative exhibition between the center and Fiber Art now magazine.  It was a fascinating exhibit with cutting edge concepts in all types of fiber.  Diane's challenge made me think about so many of the photos I'd taken - mostly of fabric behaving in 3-D or suggesting dimension.  I've included a variety here.
"Verdigris" (detail) by Susan Hotchkis
"Long Ago Stories" by Sharon McCartney
"Unfolding Landscape Spring Verge" by Cas Holmes

"Requiem" (detail) by Eszter Bornemisza 
"this too shall pass" by Diane Savona

"Triangles + Dotted Lines" (detail) by Joy Stockdale
The first photo reminded me of this piece (below) I saw at Fiber Art Philadelphia in 2011 - another totally 3-D piece from organza!  Fantastic!  I have so many ideas - I'm not sure which way I will go…..

"Sea Foam" ©2011, by Linda Celestian

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  1. Beautiful things - I particularly like the piece by Diane Savona