Wednesday, November 18, 2015

the third dimension of fun!

Thanks so much for this challenge, Diane, I have been enjoying many aspects of 3D in my work for many years.
I trained as a sculptor back sometime during the last ice age- here's the last remaining piece from my degree project, guarding our front door.

One of the attractions that work in fiber has for me is texture, which can be relatively smooth or really exaggerated to form actual bas relief surfaces- see this detail of Retia-
I've also gone full on sculpture in the last couple of years, like Voodoo Lily-

and also I often give the illusion of depth by color manipulation,

like Nucleus here...............

for this new work, I'm going to do another type of crystal, keeping to my macro theme.
I'm going to exercise Diane's option of creating a sense of three dimensionality instead of actually building this work out....
here's a hint-
stay tuned!

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  1. Your work is always stunning so can't wait to see what you do Betty.