Thursday, February 25, 2016

Be natural

In our fast paced world, the trend to eco dyeing and being more in touch with nature for our health and well being has me thinking about how my studio practice fits into this wider world view. I enjoy using the plants around me, mainly for printing but have been known to throw the odd vegetable scrape into a pot with fabric to see what results.
My recent time in Mongolia has alerted me to the use of the natural, non-dyed fibres from Sheep, Yak, Camels and Cashmere goats. Some examples shown above.
Indigo is also an extremely popular plant dye in many cultures and seems to be enjoying a resurgence in the Western world among textile practitioners.
For this challenge I invite you to explore the use of natural products to colour your fabric. Don't be shy- raid the spice shelf or kitchen pantry, pull up your weeds, order in indigo and get a witches brew bubbling!
 I look forward to seeing what  you come up with to use within your chosen theme. Happy New Year!
Length to be 40".

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