Saturday, February 27, 2016

What Peace there is in Slumber

"What Peace there is in Slumber" ©2016, 40"x26"

Thank you, Sue, for the great challenge!  I enjoyed this a lot - - and learned a few things creating my "naturally colored fabrics" for this piece.  When I had finished the initial step of creating them, they were all sort of flesh-tones, and had no idea where I was going with this….

(L-R) Persimmon, Pomegranate, and Coffee stained fabrics
Somewhere along the way, I had decided that it was going to be a piece about sleep - as that had been a topic of discussion in our house recently - and sleep cycles.  I used to carry a sketch book when I traveled and draw my youngest while he slept, with my left (non-dominant) hand - but that is another story altogether…..

original sketch, 2003
Working from the sketch as a starting point, I layered my persimmon organza over my pomegranate linen, using my pomegranate organza as the shadows.  

The pillow and comforter are predominantly silk habotai with the three different stains, and some old damask linen tablecloth.  I don't feel like it is finished, though….there's still a lot of pearl cotton….


  1. Beautiful portrait, Martha! The color palette works perfectly with the sleepy, dreamy theme.

  2. I actually like its "unfinished" quality which works with the sleepy idea.

  3. Beautiful beige! Ideal for your subject and so lovely. Gotta say I love beige and all the colours we gave yo work with!

  4. Thank you, Kate, Jenny, Betty and Sue for all of you thoughts! It was a stretch to come up with such a beige composition - but sleep worked. I've worked on it some more and will post a final photo shortly.