Sunday, June 26, 2016

Text on Fabric

Letters, words, phrases, paragraphs – in short, text on fabric - are very appealing elements of design. The letters can be clear or garbled; they can be read easily or not at all.  Their meaning can be part of the quilt’s idea, or just a background part of the design.

Reflection 4 by Jette Clover

Letters and words could be applied with many different methods and tools: embroidery, fused appliqué, pens, paint, computer printing, screen-printing, thermofax, ironing paper transfers, and many more.

 Walk in Orville by Susan Shie - detail

I challenge you to incorporate an element of text into your next quilt.  It doesn’t matter what size the text section is, neither it should be necessarily readable - as long as it is sufficiently visible to be understood as a clear component of the design of the work.

Alicia Merrett - Mayfair 1761 - detail
Text printed on other materials - paper or whatever - can also be incorporated, as long as the finished piece has some fabric on it. We will continue with the size of 40” high, and whichever width you prefer - in this case, even long narrow strips will be acceptable!

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