Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Charm of Text

by Lin Hsin-Chen

It is interesting to incorporate text into quilts. There are several works like that at Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2016. Artists include letters, words and even totems in their works with many different techniques. Those quilts with text are appealing to viewers. Text also helps to communicate and tell stories, just like the artists are having dialogues with viewers at the venue. Amazing! The power of art is boundless. The 481 quilts from 21 countries exhibited in Taiwan show viewers a variety of innovative techniques and materials, and they are playing the role of art quilt promoters. I am very pleased to share my observations with you. I will send the TIQE 2016 catalogue to V9 members soon! You can read more about the following quilts in the book! Happy creating!

Snow Falls (detail) by Linda Colsh, Belgium

Watershed II (detail) by Ali George, Australia

The Green Tree (detail) by Gaye Alger, United Kingdom    

We Do Not Inherit the World - We Borrow it (detail) by Chantal Guillermet, France

My Friend the Tree (detail) by Andrea Glittenberg-Pollier, Germany

Proof of Global Warming (detail) by Beth Cameron, Canada

Green-Peace (detail) by Ildikó Polyák, Hungary    

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  1. Great to see all those wonderful quilts with words! Thank you Hsin Chen!