Wednesday, June 29, 2016

These Days

by Misik Kim

After I finished our work for the special exhibition, many fabrics were left.
While working, I went on a journey into the past.
To my beautiful day….
I used these fabrics for my work of Alicia’s challenge.
There were many kind of letters.
Some of them were not used, some of them were changed too much now.
It is interesting for me
I enjoyed cutting and connecting,
I think that I live in many memories now.

Materials : Digital printed fabrics, commercial cotton.

Size :  40 (H) X 32( W)


  1. Interesting use of the leftovers! I can instantly recognise it as your very sophisticated work Misik!

  2. Fantastic, Misik! I love the collection of fabrics and photos - the urban feel of your piece!

  3. Another stunning work! I like the way you combine your creative style with different challenges.