Sunday, April 26, 2015

Contemporary Embroidery

"Mishearing" 2013,  Junko Oki
Recently, I've become fascinated with contemporary embroidery.  There are so many brilliant, creative ways that people are using needle and thread to express their ideas and emotions.  Creating detail or overall design or simply (or perhaps not so simply) texture.

We all use needle and thread in one way or another in creating our quilts.  Some of us machine sew, exclusively, some hand sew.  Some add hand stitched detail.  In our first challenge of V9-3, in addition to what you choose to create within your theme, you will need to use thread in some new way to you.  It can be any kind of thread and you may use it in any way you can conceive of, as long as it is not a way you would usually use it in your work.  The vertical dimension should be 48" (so you have the choice of horizontal dimension between 18" and 54").

I'm including some images of work I find intriguing.  There's loads more at:
Leigh Phillipson's Embroidery Pinterest
Joanne Hall's Experimental Embroidery Pinterest
Jane Young's Art (Fiber Arts, Textiles,..) Pinterest
Katja van den Eijnden's textile love Pinterest  

While most of what I've shared is contemporary embroidery, you are in no way limited to contemporary embroidery.  You have the option to do whatever you choose with thread.  Have fun!

Roz Hawker

Jude Hill

Danny Mansmith

"Autumn Tree" Hellenne Vermillion

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