Monday, April 27, 2015

In the season of flowers

by Misik Kim
In the season of flowers, 18" x 48"
When the challenge3 begins, I thought about the last two challenge.
Although difficult to adapt to new things for a while, they gave me a lot of pleasure.

Last month my mothers passed away.
It is too difficult to accept the fact of she was not here.
I could not do anything for a while.

While I cleaned up many things of her,
I could see the memories of my childhood in the old photos she had.
During I was making my work, I was talking with a lot of things she left behind.

She always wanted to die in the season of flowers.

She passed away in a day of spring as her wish.


  1. What a beautiful piece Misik! To me it conveys very clearly both the deep sadness for your mother and the beauty of Spring flowers.

  2. So sad to hear about your Mother Misik. A beautiful poignant piece.

  3. Misik, I’m so sorry to hear about your Mother. In Taiwan, there is a saying that elder people have the wisdom to choose the day of leaving. I believe your Mother has made her pleasant choice. Your quilt is beautiful and extraordinary. She must be very proud of you. I hope all is fine with you. Take care!