Sunday, August 23, 2015

Carrefour European Patchwork Meeting, September 16-19, 2015

Challenges of 9: 9 Minutes
It's roughly 3 weeks until Viewpoints 9: Challenges of 9 will have their European premiere at the Carrefour European Patchwork Meeting (EPM)!  From the EPM website: "For 21 years, EPM has had the pleasure to welcome visitors from all over the world. Since its very first year it has become, the not-to-be-missed quilting show for all patchwork and quilting enthusiasts over the world. The 4 villages of the Val d'Argent open their most beautiful sites which become during 4 days, real art galleries. 22 000 visitors from France and around the world are happy to discover 1200 to 1500 textile artworks, giving thus a very good feeling about today's and yesterday's patchwork and quilting.  For more information, visit the EPM website here.

Challenges of 9 consists of 6 of our challenges from our second cycle of work where "Each member interpreted 9 in any way they chose; September is the 9th month, 9 ladies dancing, a sudoku grid, cloud 9, Beethoven 9th Symphony, and so on; wherever their imagination took them.  Also, each artist picked the size and orientation of their piece, with the only restriction that it is made of 9"x 9" units up to 27"x 27"".

The exhibit will include the 9 Minute Challenge (above) ask artists to "Create a piece of art depicting your commentary, opinion, wonder, or, simply, thought relating to “where the time goes”.  Also, the 9 Planets Challenge (below) that shared the quote: "One universe, Nine planets, Two hundred and four countries, Eight hundred and nine islands, Seven seas, And I had the privilege to meet you." 
Artists were asked "What do these words mean to you? The universe? The world around us? A meeting with somebody important to you? And how does the number nine fits in it? 
Challenges of 9: 9 Planets
We're very excited about the opportunity and look forward to participating in this exciting exhibition!
Viewpoints 9 members, Alicia Merrett, Betty Busby, Martha Wolfe and Misik Kim, will be there to greet visitors.  We look forward to seeing you in France! 


  1. Wonderful news! Thank you, Martha and Betty for carrying the quilts to France for us. Have fun there!