Thursday, August 27, 2015


I was contemplating this challenge (unusual materials) and searching for inspiration when it showed up in my mailbox.  My friend and creative collaborator Carol Eaton had sent me a surprise gift – a piece of hand dyed fabric.  Carol had made it as an experiment and thought I would like the results (I do!)
That began a vague idea about found objects: buttons, a zipper, safety pins – things found around the studio. I took the piece on vacation with me and added to it as I found the time. At first I chose the safety pins as a way to incorporate “reflection” into the piece. But I found that I really enjoyed the repetitive action of pinning them.
A picture began to emerge in my mind – a gentle rain falling on some kind of plant or flower.  That led me to think about the way plants grow. As long as they have a few key conditions (water, sunlight, air) they grow wherever they find the space. The buttons toward the bottom are bunched together, in layers and clumps, as if they are competing for space.
Technical details: Finished size 18x40
Materials: hand-dyed fabric, various buttons, cotton and metallic thread, safety pins, zipper


  1. Ticks all the boxes for me Kate. Great use of materials and wonderful background fabric- well done Carol!

  2. How fun and energetic! I have been struggling with how best to depict falling rain and you solved the problem for me! The safety pins are absolutely brilliant.

  3. PS. The fabric is gorgeous. What great inspiration from a friend.

    1. Thanks Lisa-Marie! Carol's fabrics always inspire me. This piece is actually just half of what she sent. I saved the other half for a second project! :-)

  4. The fabric from Carol is beautiful and you add more energy to it! I can feel your joy of sewing and pinning. The zipper is stroke of genius! Beautiful work, Kate!