Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Finding New Purpose

My compositions don’t usually stick to traditional quilt conventions, but my materials do.  Typically I use just three main ingredients: cotton fabrics, batting and thread.  So I guess anything outside that short list would be unconventional for me.
At the moment I’m experimenting with ways to incorporate my overall theme “Reflection” into this challenge. Reflective objects and materials might satisfy both requirements.  Hmmm…  I’ve been gathering a lot of random objects that I find interesting and/or have the potential to work somehow with fabric and thread.  So far there’s a lot of stuff on my floor and not much on the design board!
Coincidentally, my son Luka is attending “Camp Invention” this week. Grade school kids spend their days learning about science, engineering and critical thinking. They play games and work on design challenges using found objects, recycled items and various household appliances that they’ve taken apart to repurpose. (Here’s a photo of the computer tower and exercise bike Luka & Tom disassembled… in my living room). So yeah, I am anxiously awaiting the whole Putting-Things-Back-Together phase of this creative journey.
          Photo Aug 04, 9 21 41 AM      Photo Aug 04, 9 24 01 AM

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