Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bargello Brook

I love the opportunity to explore quilting in ways I’ve never done before. Misik's challenge to explore tradition allowed me to attempt a method I had never tried: Bargello. Though it originated as stitching, Bargello and its linear, stepped form, has been adapted to quilting.

To me, piecing is the foundation of all sewing: cutting accurately, matching seams, sewing precisely. I chose Bargello because it encompassed all of these while also providing the spontaneity and discovery of my art quilting process. There is always something unpredictable, even with established methods.

Some days I think there is nothing new under the sun and other days I think there is nothing certain under the sun. What a grand adventure.

Bargello Brook depicts my theme of water using traditional piecing techniques. It is made with commercial cotton fabrics and quilted with cotton and polyester threads. It measures 21” W X 40” L.


  1. Beautiful shading and so nice to see Bargello again. It has come and gone in quilt fashion a number of times, at least in Australia.

  2. Great idea for water! I love how everyone goes in such different directions! It never occurred to me that Bargello came from stitching - but, yes, obviously… Beautiful piecing!