Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors, 9 patch detail
After seeing the International Quilt Study Center and Museums exhibit of log cabin quilts at the European Patchwork Meeting, I was sure I was going to interpret that pattern with some lovely hand-dyed reclaimed linens, luscious silks, and remnant bits from fabric manufacturer, Malfroy, that I'd collected from the vendors.  Sparked by Kate's discussion about American Art, I investigated the history of the log cabin pattern more closely and found that, despite popular belief (mine included), the log cabin pattern can be traced back to Egyptian tombs and first interpreted in fiber, back in18th century Europe.  Regardless, I think many would consider it a traditional American quilt pattern - - so in that spirit, I forged ahead (although I was really tempted by Kate's post….).

Windows and Doors, window detail
Using "traditional" 9 patch and log cabin designs as a starting point, I reflected on my cycle theme. So many of my family, friends and loved ones are at crossroads, or in transition, contemplating which door to open (or which window to climb out).  I know this is part of the cycle of life we all experience once and again.  It makes me aware of how many ways life can be played, how one choice will have an outcome, and another, an equal or better outcome, and the next…..  A successful life has many doors, and courage to open them.

Windows and Doors, log cabin detail

Windows and Doors ©2015, 40" x 50"


  1. Fresh, love the colour choices and am particularly drawn to the 3 windows. A lovely departure from your usual technique Martha.