Saturday, August 27, 2016

African Water Lilies

African Water Lilies 18"x30"
Lisa-Marie's challenge caught me flat-footed.  I had NO idea what to do.  Discarded?  Undesirables? hmmm.  Recycle and repurpose! Yes!

I have a large studio that is FILLED with 'stuff'....mostly fiber related, piles of textiles, paints, books, collections, etc.  No one in my household ever visits...unless invited...therefore I have little impetus to be my temptation is to save everything. 

Starting at the obvious point:  the bottom of all those piles.  I found some bits that really tweaked my interest.

First:  parts of a hand-dyed/stenciled cotton shirt that I had purchased at an outdoor market several years ago in Ghana.

Second:  eight bits from a vintage linen tablecloth that had already been cut in flower shapes with fusing on the back.  I think they originally were to be daisies.

Third:  seven red seeds (also from Ghana) that look like ladybugs to me.

Lastly:  beaded flower centers, and several sizes of vintage abalone buttons.

Thank you, Lisa-Marie!!!


  1. Well done Diane, I'd say you landed on your feet like a cat.

  2. I'd love to rummage through your stash! Always lovely.

  3. Wonderful, Diane! I like how all of the elements had a history - and a repurpose.