Monday, August 29, 2016

Hello! Summer

by Lin Hsin-Chen
NASA announced that our Earth had just survived from the warmest July in 136 years. This summer, we experienced disasters due to global warming. Mankind is not the only species suffered. I would like to comfort summer. This is not the weather it wanted. What is the problem at all?

There were several ecological disasters in Taiwan in July, 2016. Even the timing of flowering was in turmoil! I always don’t like summer. I love winter. You have nowhere to escape from the scorching weather. Using air-conditioning is very energy-consuming and also a waste of natural resources. On the contrary, we can just simply wear more clothes in winter for the cold weather. The energy consumption is significantly different from each other. I let the flowers in my work wear chiffon, just like wearing a bikini, it is translucent, cool, unfettered, self-liberated and relaxed. Feel the passion, enjoy the summer heat wave and learn to coexist with the extreme weather.

The 9 works of Cycle 3 is my Thinking series, which is presented with 9 types of flowers. They depict the relevant people, things and environments when I was creating them, through the slow and deliberate work of hand sewing, combining time and space with patience. I feel, experience and record ideas when inspiration occurs and sew the ideas in my needlework. Through the 9 works in the long 18 months, I encounter my true self. It is the process of inner learning! Maybe there are people questioning what my thinking is. Together the 9 quilts is a diary documenting the perfection and imperfection within the 18 months. I very much enjoy the project and happy for myself that I didn’t give up due to obstacles along the way, but keep working to the end! Thank you to each member of Viewpoints 9, you keep me learning and growing!

Materials: chiffon, cotton, dyed fabric, sequin, beads, lace flower, Romanian thread, embroidery floss, metallic thread
Techniques: hand appliqué, hand pieced, hand quilted, hand embroidered
Size: 80 x 80 (cm)


  1. I love the freshness of this quilt Hsin-Chen and yes, it has been another interesting journey for us through the 9 challenges.

  2. Beautiful and thoughtful, Hsin-Chen!

  3. Thank you Sue and Alicia. It has been a pleasant journey creating the piece. I was surprised when it is finished, because I seldom use these fresh colors in my work. It seems wonderful to wrap up my works in the third cycle with it. Best wishes to you all!

  4. As always, I learn so much and grow to know you through each of your pieces, Hsin-Chen! This is wonderful and despite the somber message, it inspires happy memories for me.