Saturday, June 27, 2015

Magical Neon

Cauldrons are black and skillets are copper, but my representation of them is in bright neon-like colours. 

In old times, the nourishing aspect of cauldrons was mixed up with magic and witchcraft.

Neon lights are magical to me.  They feel like the product of witchcraft or alchemy, even if I know well that there is a scientific explanation for their brightness and sparkle.  They illuminate dark nights and add a touch of magic to city centres.

“The Witching Cauldron” is made with fabrics hand-dyed by myself, using fused appliqué and machine stitching.  42” by 31.5”.

If you slide the photos up and down the page a little, with the cursor on the slider, some of the colours seem to flicker and shine.


  1. Beautiful use of hand dyed fabrics! I love that you used neon to represent magic. They do possess a cool unnatural glow! Well done :-)

  2. Your fabrics are amazing - so rich, and the color combinations really make them pop! Great piece - I'm fascinated by the histories of common place things - things we've taken for granted for generations.

    1. Indeed. Curiously (maybe not) as I age, the more I am reminded of the common place...particularly those things I remember as commonplace that don't seem to have been mostly forgotten.

  3. The colors are beautiful! I like the idea of colorful cauldrons and skillets. I used to tell my children a story of witch’s soup; it was about punishing children who hates vegetables such as carrots, onion, cucumber… They were frightened by the witch’s soup and had to eat all the vegetables I cooked (lol).