Saturday, June 27, 2015


by Lin Hsin-Chen
According to previous experience of visiting mountain environments, people mainly dressed in earth tones to try not to disturb natural ecology. Things are not what they used to be. Recently, I had a chance to go hiking. I noticed that groups of hikers dressed in shiny fluorescent colors. How did the situation change? The idea of respecting nature has replaced by a people-oriented world.

I hope such "self-contradictory" is a reminder. My imagination goes wild: I try to put neon-colored roses on a dark background, and to sew elegant chintz which was published in the 70’s on the shining background; I add flowering sky and shimmering silver stream to natural scenery; I dress up in bright and luxurious clothes, and I decorate all the things greedily. Of course, most people are self-awareness and they don’t treat the environment selfishly. We understand that letting fluorescent color get into forest is only a self-secure protecting behavior.

The 70’s is a shining era that neon colors appear in the dark at night to impress people. Today, shining colors are everywhere and anytime. It’s a fast-paced world driven by technology as time progresses. "Habit" is a horrible thing. When we live in an ill environment and completely ignore the existence of ecological environment, over time, we forget what the normal environment is. Obviously, the idea of “respecting” environment has been distorted. Last time I went hiking, a friend who lived in the mountains told me that birds used to fly away when they saw shining neon colors, but they don’t now. Moreover, their feathers are less colorful than they used to be. Creatures also have the right to protect themselves, as time goes by, people may no longer see the true color of the beautiful natural environment in forest.

I ponder that while following fashion trends, we are also blinded by the temptation of fashion. Thus it would cause harm to nature. Causing light pollution and disturbing vision. I have been thinking… when we have something, do we lose something else? “Self-contradictory” is my second work for my Thinking Series. It’s a confession of compunction about nature.

p.s. my Viewpoints 9 pin is broken. It can't be worn anymore. So I decide to put it in the work to show its beauty in a different way! Hope Martha will agree with it. Thank you!

Materials: satin brocade, brocade with gold thread, knitting wool, jacquard plush, voile, acetate cloth, warp sateen, chintz of the 70’s, Indian silk sari, Indian cotton sari, gold thread, silver thread, beads
Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliqué, three-layered hand quilted, embroidered
Size: 26”W x 42”H


  1. What an interesting perspective Hsin-Chen. Definitely thought-provoking. I love this piece! The arcs that frame the woman draw me in and I feel like I'm in a beautiful meadow.

  2. I would have to agree with you, Hsin-Chen - we don't blend in as much as we used to - or maybe we never did, but now things have evolved to a very delicate balance. It is definitely a "look at me" time in history, social media clogged with Selfies! It is a really interesting piece you've created - great depth, visually, too :) . I love that you immortalized your V9 pin!

  3. It's great to dress in bright colours! Beautiful piece!

  4. What a wonderful idea, to dress in colors that blend in with nature. It's definitely not a trend right now. In addition to being a "look at me" society, people have become emotionally removed from the natural world. I think we often see ourselves as separate from the environment and ecology instead of being part of it. Very beautiful and thought provoking piece!

  5. Thank you Lisa-Marie, Martha, Alicia and Kate! I am glad to hear that you all enjoy the topic. I wavered between ideas but can’t make my decision until I finally completed a book of 360 thousand words recording my classes and conversation with students. I tried to depict the contradictory between protecting nature and enjoy nature in my work. Although the creative process was difficult, I really learned a lot from it. It was a long but rich 2 months!