Saturday, June 27, 2015

the Abyss

The Abyss

Had a great time with this one.
I used acid dyed silk habotai, and stenciled deep sea creatures on it with Shiva paintstik.
I tried to capture the transparent nature of these animals by letting the dark background show in the center.
Some battery operated rice lights were stitched underneath the silk, and I hand bead quilted the rest.
There's additional couched neon cording, and glow in the dark paint of course.

Here's a closeup of the big gulper, he's actually kind of made up- I used a couple of plastic toys as models.

this is what it would look like if you were really down there!


  1. How fun! Your creatures are amazingly realistic. I love the translucence, it definitely gives them dimension.

  2. This is so innovative - I love it! I would like this as a night light :)

  3. I couldn't wait to come home today to see everyone's interpretation of "neon". Wow, Betty! Worth the wait! I absolutely love the glow in the dark paint and was floored by the LED lights. The last detail photo is absolutely captivating.

    1. I have a leftover light set- what next!!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! Love them!

  5. It’s glad to hear you like the challenge! This piece is so cool, Betty! I love it. It’s such a wonderful idea to include rice lights in the work. I wonder if the quilt will get hot when the lights on turned on?

  6. Oh, Betty...wonderful! Such light :^) hearted fun!