Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stepping Out

Recently in conversations with curators for galleries and museums there have been inquiries about three dimensional work.  The museum I'm most familiar with, The Slater Museum in Norwich CT, is a case in point.  The director always appreciates when we can supply 3D pieces.  She appreciates fiber art and understands that most of our family of art quilters rely on having their artwork displayed on walls, however, the venue is best served with a variety of art work.  Art work for pedestals and cases in addition to that that hangs on the walls or from the ceilings.
African Bowl: Three Weeks in Ghana

Understanding that V9 also has the expectation of displaying our work on walls, I challenge each of us to find a technique that explores or references three dimensions.  Knowing that our work needs to be size "sensitive' for shipping, I propose that all our work be no deeper than four inches.

Challenge3-5:  Exploring Dimensions
Work should be 40" in height, 18"-54" in width and 4" or less in depth.

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