Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lattice Protocol

Although I have gone full-on sculptural in the past couple of years, I chose to work on an illusory 3D piece.
I stepped away from my ever present circles in the last challenge, and am also working with a more linear concept for this one- another type of crystal.
I've seen pictures of carbon buckyballs, but this doesn't have the right amount of facets for that, so the best I could come up with is Lattice.  and Protocol, because that sounds science-y :)

so, I start building the piece on a slab of batik I have lying around, I love the subtle light colored ones because they add a lot of interest to whatever you're working on.

freezer paper stencils, paintstick.

a light center and darker outer ring-

now I cut out the lattice part, fuse it on top of the stenciled batik and then comes some balls- this time out of Evolon-

Lattice Protocol, 40x40"